Obtaining a Youth Employment Certificate

1. Obtain a copy of the blank certificate from any of these sources:

Career Center - Mrs. Rook

Department of Social Services/Emploment Security Commission

Internet- NC Department of Labor

2. Complete the sections from "name" through "zip code."

3. Have employer complete the sections "job description" through "area code phone number" and sign the form. NOTE: Employer must mark the "ABC" section appropriately.

4. Have parent/guardian sign.

5. Take the original and two (2) copies of the completed and signed form to the FFHS Career Center or Department of Social Services along with a copy of your birth certificate or other proof of age document. After the form is reviewed for appropriateness of the job and age, you will be asked to sign the forms in the presence of the issuing officer.

6. Take a copy of the issued Youth Employment Certificate to your employer on or before your first day of work.

7. For additional information, contact:

Jennie Rook

First Flight High School

(252) 449-7000 ext. 2499