Attendance Procedures
All absences are considered unlawful or unexcused until a note is presented. The following procedures should be followed:

1. A note from a parent/guardian, physician or dentist, or other professional person as to why the absence should be considered “excused.”  The note must contain the following information:
The full printed name of the student
The reason for the absence
The date of the absence and the date the note was written
The class period(s) the student was absent
The day/time the person signing the note can be reached for verification

2. Students have three (3) days after their return to school to submit written excuses. Upon receipt of the note in the Attendance Office and when the written justification is considered a lawful absence, DATA personnel will update the student’s attendance record reflecting the absence as excused.

3. Parents and teachers are encouraged to verify attendance by contacting the Attendance Office at 449-7000 ext. 2445. Any discrepancy in attendance records that is noted by parents, teachers, or students should be immediately addressed to the attendance office. Any requested changes should be documented in writing for inclusion in the student’s attendance folder.

4. If the parent/guardian is going to be out of town, he/she should provide the Main Office emergency contact and temporary guardianship information in case of an emergency.