Lawful (excused) Absences
Absences shall be coded "lawful" or "unlawful" as determined by the principal/designee based upon available information. Absences not defined as lawful or for which there is no given explanation shall be coded unlawful. LEAs shall excuse the temporary absence of a student upon a showing of satisfactory evidence of one of the following bases: 
  1. Illness or injury prevents the student from being physically able to attend school.
  2. The local health officer or the State Board of Health orders the isolation of the student.
  3. The student is absent due to the death of a member of the immediate family.
  4. The student has a medical or dental appointment.
  5. The student is a party to or is under subpoena as a witness in the proceedings of a court or administrative tribunal.
  6. The student has obtained prior approval by the principal to be absent due to the bona fide observance of an event required or suggested by the religion of the student or the student's parents. Pursuant to G.S. 115C-379, a student shall be excused at least twice for this reason during each school year if so requested.
  7. The student/parent obtains prior approval from the principal to take advantage of a valid educational opportunity such as travel.
  8. Absences due to pregnancy and related conditions or parenting, when medically necessary.
  9. The student is participating in a job-shadow, Career and Technical Education student organization, or other work-based opportunity, as described in G.S. 115C-47(34a).
In addition, a student whose parent or legal guardian (a) is an active duty member of the uniformed services as defined by policy 4050, Children of Military Familes, and (b) has been called to duty for, is on leave from, or has immediately returned from deployment to a combat zone or combat support posting, will be granted additional excused absences at the discretion of the principal to visit with his or her parent or legal guardian.

For more information on STUDENT ATTENDANCE REGULATIONS, please click HERE. (Information regarding attendance is on pages 59-63.)