Educational Opportunity/Travel Information
Parents are required to request prior approval for education opportunity/travel absences at least five (5) days in advance using forms available in the main office or by clicking HERE.

Absences due to out-of-town travel that are not pre-approved as educational travel by the school administration will be coded as unlawful (unexcused). 

Approval will depend upon individual student attendance, behavior and academic progress, as well as the education value of the travel.

Principals may use discretion for requests made under emergency circumstances. Approved educational travel will be coded as lawful absence. Approval generally will not be granted for any student who has accumulated or will accumulate excessive absences as defined by grade level.

Principals may use discretion, however, to approve additional educational travel for students engaged in activities such as competitions, performances, and other meaningful educational endeavors that advance the development of student talents and abilities.

Generally, no educational travel will be approved two (2) weeks prior to or during state testing and exams unless the student is exempt.