SAT and ACT Testing Dates

For most students, it is recommended that they plan to take the SAT and/or ACT twice in the spring of junior year, then once in the fall of senior year to establish their best scores.

Learn more about the SAT or register for it HERE: The SAT is offered locally at various schools on certain dates, including FFHS. Check the SAT website for details about your specific test date. Here are upcoming SAT testing dates:

-- August 26, 2017 (early registration deadline July 28; late registration through August 15)
-- October 7, 2017 (early registration deadline Sept. 8)
-- November 4, 2017 (early registration deadline Oct. 5)
-- December 2, 2017 (early registration deadline Nov. 2)
-- March 10, 2018 (early registration deadline Feb. 9)
-- May 5, 2018 (early registration deadline April 6)
-- June 2, 2018 (tentative)

The FFHS School Code for the SAT is #342027. The FFHS Test Center Code for the SAT is #34563.

You can register online at


The ACT will be given on the following dates

at Manteo High School:


You can register online at {This is another college admissions test students may want to consider in addition to the SAT.}


Learn more about the ACT or register for it HERE: The ACT is offered locally at Manteo and Camden high schools, plus Elizabeth City State University. Check the ACT website for details about your specific test date. Here are upcoming ACT testing dates at Manteo:

-- September 9, 2017 (early registration deadline Aug. 4; late registration through Aug. 18)
-- December 9, 2017 (early registration deadline Nov. 3; late registration through Nov. 17)
-- April 14, 2018 (early registration deadline March 9; late registration through March 23)

The FFHS School Code for the ACT is #342027. The MHS Test Center Code is #157780.

*Fee waivers are available for students under special circumstances. Click HERE for more information and see your counselor: