Dress Code

(FFHS Student Handbook, page 12)
Students are expected to adhere to Rule 4 of the Dare County Schools Code of Student Conduct and Annual Parental Notification:

“Any type of dress which is disruptive, lewd or sexually suggestive, glorifies or depicts alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs, or endangers the safety, education, and/or health of another person will not be permitted.”

The principal has the authority to exercise appropriate discretion in implementing the school dress code, including making reasonable accommodations based on a student’s religious beliefs or medical conditions.  Students are expected to adhere to standards of dress and appearance that are compatible with an effective learning environment.  

For student dress violations, the Principal or the Principal’s designee may require the student to change or modify his or her clothing.  For recurring violations, appropriate levels of disciplinary action outlined in the Code of Student Conduct may be implemented.

Examples of items prohibited (not all inclusive):

  • wallet chains or any chains in general, studded or spiked wristbands, dog collars, or any accessories that could cause harm to oneself or others.

  • clothing that is too revealing, such as bare midriffs, see-through clothing, low-cut tops, bathing suits, visible undergarments, or pants worn below the hips.

  • clothing that is disruptive by displaying sexual images or language, racial

          statements, gang involvement, or alcohol/drug/tobacco messages.

  • hats, hoods, or sunglasses while in the building

  • bare feet